Comprehensive Agricultural Services with Freshpro Agri

Enhancing Productivity and Sustainability Across the Farming Lifecycle. Discover a wide range of specialized services meticulously designed to optimize agricultural operations, increase crop potential, and ensure compliance with international standards.

Our services include ...

Dedicated to delivering exceptional products and services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customers in the broader agricultural sector.

Corp & Orchard Monitoring

Observing and analyzing agricultural fields and fruit-bearing plantations to assess health, growth, and productivity using technology.

Enhancing Crop Potential

Empowering farmers to optimize their crop potential by offering NDVI images through diverse platforms, aiding in informed decision-making & resource management.

Safe Crop

Accredited multi-residue pesticides analysis ensures crop safety, compliance, and international quality standards for both export and local crops, safeguarding consumers.

Water Sampling Analysis

Conducting water sampling to analyze its quality against both drinking water and irrigation water standards, ensuring the health and productivity of agricultural and domestic water usage.

Customized Crop Analysis

Our comprehensive agricultural services include on-demand soil, leaf, and petiole analysis tailored to a wide range of crops, providing valuable insights for optimized crop management and enhanced yields as per customer preferences.


Our training programs encompass a wide range of essential agricultural practices, such as the safe and responsible use of pesticides, compliance with GlobalGAP standards, and more, ensuring farmers acquire vital knowledge and skills for sustainable and high-quality crop production.

Fresh Pro Agri Farmer Auditing

Food Safety

Enabling farmers and packing facilities to meet diverse food safety requirements and standards, including GlobalGAP, through internal audits, document management, in-house training, chemical application record verification, and support during external audit assessments.

Crop Protection Planning & Protocols

As a certified member of Croplife, we specialize in developing crop protection plans and protocols that align seamlessly with both local and export requirements, ensuring sustainable and compliant agricultural practices.

Cover Crop Assistance

Assistance for cover crops, offering tailored recommendations based on your specific needs and facilitating the supply of high-quality seed inputs through trusted and reputable companies, ensuring the success of your agricultural endeavors and promoting sustainable land management practices.

Post-Harvest Treatment

As a certified member of Croplife, we specialize in the meticulous development of post-harvest treatment protocols meticulously tailored for both local and export produce. With our extensive expertise, we ensure that your agricultural products meet the highest quality standards.

Researcher takes a probe of green plant and puts it in a Petri dish

Products Include

Fungicides are chemical substances used in agriculture to control and prevent fungal diseases in crops. They work by targeting and inhibiting the growth and reproduction of harmful fungi, protecting plants from potential damage and ensuring healthier and more abundant harvests.

Insecticides are chemical substances designed to control and eliminate insect pests that damage crops, spread diseases, or cause nuisance, ensuring improved agricultural productivity and protecting public health.

Nematicides are specialized chemical agents used in agriculture to control and manage nematode populations, microscopic worms that can cause significant damage to crops by feeding on their roots and impairing their growth. These powerful pesticides are designed to protect plants from nematode-related diseases, improve crop yields, and sustain agricultural productivity.

Soil conditioners are natural or synthetic products that enhance soil quality by improving its structure, water retention, nutrient holding capacity, and overall fertility, leading to healthier plant growth and increased crop yields.

Foliar fertilizers are specialized nutrient solutions applied directly to plant leaves, offering rapid absorption and targeted nutrient delivery to enhance plant growth, development, and overall health.

Fertilizers: Enhance your crop growth and yield with our wide selection of fertilizers, including semi-organic options and various other nutrient-rich formulations. Boost soil fertility and promote healthy plant development, ensuring a bountiful harvest for your agricultural endeavors.

Seeds (including cover crops): Explore our diverse selection of premium quality seeds, including cover crops, carefully curated to support sustainable agriculture, enhance soil health, and boost crop productivity.

Bio-stimulants, including kelp products and others, are natural substances that enhance plant growth and development by stimulating physiological processes, improving nutrient uptake, and boosting overall plant health, leading to increased crop yields and resilience.

Bio-pesticides are environmentally friendly and biologically derived substances used to control pests and diseases in agriculture. They offer a natural and sustainable alternative to conventional chemical pesticides, promoting eco-friendly farming practices and reducing the impact on non-target organisms and the environment.

Seed treatments involve applying various chemical or biological agents to seeds before planting to protect them from diseases, pests, and environmental stress, ultimately enhancing germination, early growth, and overall crop performance.

 A specialized range of high-quality sanitizing solutions designed to maintain stringent hygiene standards, ensuring the safety and purity of food products and packaging throughout the production process.

Chemicals for irrigation equipment treatment and cleaning provide effective solutions to maintain the hygiene and efficiency of irrigation systems, preventing clogs, biofilm formation, and microbial growth, ultimately ensuring optimal water distribution and crop health.

Is food safety a concern for you?

It should be. Fresh Pro Agri offers a number of services to assess, monitor and ensure the safety of food products. We have the experience and knowledge to help your business stay safe and compliant with all food safety regulations. Contact us today to learn more.

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